Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Power Tour Roadside Treasure

We were off the Power Tour scheduled route in Kentucky and we came across a building with all kinds of old cars and trucks.
Ok, so a little work some air ride, 22" bonspeeds, big brakes. It could be ready for the 2011 Power Tour.

The old panels are just cool, but man tons of work to make them perfect!

Really, is this the best town name for the side of an old GMC Suburban Fire Department emergency van?

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Power Tour Final Look Back

A last look at the 2010 Power Tour includes stuff from day 1 to the end. The bonspeed boys; Brad Fanshaw, Mark Cilani and Mark Grimes all agreed to do it again. No we can't mark this one off the bucket list, because then we couldn't come back next year!

Newton, Iowa at the Speedway it was day 1 and we had no idea what the trip would be like. It had already started right, lots of cars, good weather and the cars made it finally! This was the pre-tour briefing, you can see the guys from Hot Rod up on the trailer.

One of the best things about Power Tour was the gas station stops. Every stop was full of cars, different ones every time and lots of car crazy people to meet.

You see everything on Power Tour, even a 2069 Camaro?

Enthusiasm was fantastic for the tour every city opened up and they all came out to watch us cruise through town.
Highway Patrol...no Power Patrol. We saw this cool cruiser parked at the Mid-America Corvettes open house and never saw it again?

In Du Quoin, IL we saw this bad S-10 and this guy knows style. It sports the bonspeed INTENSE wheels.

This bad Mopar had everyone watching from the radical roof graphics to the 10-71 blower it was crazy!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Not Over Yet..More Posts Coming This Weekend!

We just got back to California after a week on the Hot Rod Power Tour. Man it is tough settling back into the life at the office after driving America, living in a different town each night, bench racing in the parking lots, meeting new friends.

Every stop is an adventure and car show. Stay tuned here at the blog we will be posting more photos, more stories and our Top Ten Things you must have when you go on Power Tour!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plans Change on the Road, We Detour for a Photoshoot

The plans changed for the bonspeed boys and instead of traveling on with the tour we skipped the Chatanooga, TN stop.

Instead we went back to Hopkinsville to see the guys at BedWood. Because we were so close, it gave us a chance to conduct a photoshoot for the new catalog our bonspeedMedia division is producing.

In the background is the new and very high-tech CNC wood cutting machine, installed just days before our arrival.

In the foreground, that professional model at the wood cutting machine is bonspeed boy, Mark Cilani. Yes, he is fully compensated model (In the state of Kentucky).

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Power Tour Has Something for Everyone!

bonspeed boys and the Grimes Gang Part Two

There are two things you do regularly on Power Tour other than drive you clean your car at every stop detailing the road grime off the car so everyone can admire. Here Mark Grimes is wiping down the wheels on his Corvette.

The other thing you do very frequently is stop for fuel, Mark Cilani is demonstrating proper fuel technique. Gas-up, run to the men's room and get a snack.

Speaking of snacks the Grimes Gang loves their snacks. Early morning Du Quoin and Damon and Royce are already enjoying snacks and energy drinks.

Damon and Royce spent the trip in this slammed Pontiac GTO.

Again a big thanks to our friends who traveled with us: Mark, Diana, Damon, Royce, Matt, Meagan, Scott and Suzanne Grimes. The Grimes Gang was a blast to travel with!

Through the Windshield Photos On the Road

It does happen on Power Tour, cars break down. The good thing is that others are always willing to lend a hand and most get back on the road in short order.

The weather was top down perfect and we saw many a car drive past loaded with sun worshiping car guys.
Matt Grimes drove his slammed black on black on black Audi. That little car really screams.
Driving Power Tour might just be the best way to see America!