Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Look at the Z06 the bonspeed boys are Driving on Power Tour 2010

The car is just 200 miles old, but it already has been fully prepped by Mark Grimes. The black Z06 was sprayed with a flat back stripe, over the carbon fiber hood and the top of the car. The suspension was tweaked for ride height and even better handling. The exhaust exits out of a stainless exhaust and that gas is hot as it gets squeezed from the now supercharged motor. With the hood shut you know this is no average Vette by seeing the massive intercooler peaking from the front grill.

Making the Z06 distinctive are the bonspeed Jag-X wheels with bolts and our new optional flat caps. The wheels look great and accent the car perfectly with flat black centers and gloss black hoops. Mark has already worn a little of the massive rear tires, at his rate he may need new tires to get home.

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